Willie William

by Branden Daniel & the Chics

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Willie William was locked away in a Private Prison that is Undocumented Block Ops and he will never be seen again. He stomped a lot of faces with his beautiful white boots with sold gold plated toes. He stood above all his flock and held them in his tiny arms of music at the same time. Nourishing them on the great teet of his majestic rhythm. WW ends wars and gives canker sores. Listen to the inarticulate portrayal of WW written by the unqualified bd+theChics.


Willie William

Willie William got us all with his conception, like some magic
He’s so bold, gold and show

Willie William was an orphan with a hard on for endorphins
It’s so told he sold his soul

You could feel it when he stepped before them
Like a messiah would do
His kinetic waves were crashing on them
Making everyone move
All I know is that he did something that we all want to do
He couldn’t loose them when he put that hook in

Willie William what will happen when it over
will you take every soul with you home
Willie William with your light on we will follow you wherever you go
You’re so bold, you know

Do you know it when you have taken
the light right off of the moon
Could you feel the young girls’ hearts were breaking
when you started the tune
All I know is that you’ve got something
And we all want it too
Help us again when you put that hook in

Willie William

Lyrics by Branden Daniel
Music by bd+theChics

All rights reserved. C & P Branden Daniel LLC 2016


released August 19, 2016
Recorded and Produced in Los Angeles, CA by Tom Biller
Drums: Matt Winter
Keys: Nate Kruz
Bass and Voice: Branden Daniel



all rights reserved


BD+theSHEEKS Seattle, Washington

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